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MBC is excited to announce the details of the 2021/2022 Internship Experience. This experience will be comprised of two, 4-month work/community sessions (September – December and January – April). People ages 18 to 25 years old can apply for either the Fall and/or Winter season. If accepted for the Fall, acceptance for the Winter is contingent upon 1st session performance.


Information about the 2022/2023 Internship, as well as how to apply, will be coming soon.

Each session will have three areas of focus:

  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Work Excellence
  3. Living in Community

This is an experience for those who want to grow spiritually, are willing to work hard, and wish to live in an engaging community.

Spiritual Formation: This is a priority for the internship at MBC. Interns can expect to grow spiritually through understanding various types of ministry, participating in Bible studies, and attending church services together. The community of interns have an opportunity to better understand who they are in Christ, what their God given purpose is and explore their faith together as a group.

Work Excellence: Interns work an average of 36 hours per week in three main departments while at MBC: housekeeping, foodservice and maintenance. The full-time team members at MBC help to properly train each intern in their work areas.

Living in Community: Interns will be living in a small community during their time at MBC. They will be provided with meals and/or an allowance for food and are responsible for cooking and cleaning and other community living responsibilities. Each week the Interns will participate in a Community Day together, investing time to build relationships with one another while enjoying fun, stretching activities and different mission-focused opportunities. Each Intern will be partnered with a full-time team member for mentorship, with an objective to bond more effectively with the greater MBC team community.

Community Day Activities include seminars, service and Muskoka experiences. Some options include:

  • Team/Trust Building activities.
  • Muskoka style adventure activities including: hiking, cross-country/downhill skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, polar dips (if brave enough), high/low ropes, astronomy nights, airplane ride and much more.
  • Life skills such as understanding how to budget wisely.
  • Visiting and volunteering with partner organizations including a 4 day Ottawa trip to work with the homeless and enjoy the sights of our Capital City.
  • A 2-day canoe trip into Algonquin or similar environment.
  • Local Food Banks.

Additional opportunities include:

  • Volunteering at a Jr High youth group in Huntsville
  • Transition from participating in Bible Studies to leading Bible Studies
  • A Book Club focusing on two books to help understand and develop spiritual leadership qualities
  • Out of town multi-day trips to feed the homeless and those less fortunate
  • Apologetics including Astronomy

It is understood that Interns:

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Are willing to learn and grow
  • Are eager to live out a good work ethic
  • Will adhere/agree to the following:
  • Will actively participate in all parts of the internship

This is not an experience for those who want to just spend time with friends. This is an intentional opportunity for growth, both personally and spiritually while participating in ministry at MBC.


  • Minimum wage for an average of 36 hours weekly with room, board and a program fee deducted
  • Funding provided by MBC for local missions’ trips and team bonding/fun activities

Time Off

  • 2 days off per week

Sample Weekly Schedule (subject to change and work schedules)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Half work shift
Work shifts to support weekend retreat activity Working in various departments as needed Community Day (See details under Living in Community)  Work shift Working in supporting weekend retreats activity
Church when possible Young Adults Bible Study Bible study with Dan Spoelstra Serve at Faith Baptist Jr. High (or somewhere similar)

Semester 1

  • Arrive Sunday afternoon, September 12
  • Orientation Monday, September 13
  • Finish Friday, December 24

Semester 2

  • Arrive Sunday, January 9
  • Orientation Monday, January 10, 2022
  • Depart Sunday, May 1, 2022