MBC Church Partnership Program

MBC understands that we all have one common mission — making and encouraging growth as disciples of Jesus Christ! To this end, we would like to proactively partner with like-minded evangelical churches who can affirm our core Statement of Faith and Marriage:

  • To bless and encourage full time leadership of local churches in their personal development
  • To increase intentional participation by church groups and individuals in MBC events and facility services

What we offer to our Church Partners

Full-time Leadership

  • Pastor Getaways (full-time pastor/leadership staff) - 2 nights, 3 days in one of MBC’s VIP Cottages (non-summer, based on availability, prefer mid-week)
  • Pastor discounts (Summer accommodations, MBC Bookstore, Camp Widjiitiwin)

Church Attendees

  • Special group offer for MBC-programmed retreats (1 free registration with 11 paid registrations)
  • Complimentary speaker/pastor room for a church weekend retreat (minimum numbers apply)

What we look for from a Church Partner

(expect but not impose)

  • An openness to host a camp fair day
  • Post our brochures in your displays
  • Cross link with our website, to our Church Partnership page
  • Letting MBC quote on your church retreat events
  • Praying for the work and ministry of MBC

QUESTIONS? office@muskokabible.com or 1-800-551-0168 x333.

We look forward to partnering with your church this year!


Church Discount Code

Can't find your church on the list? Call the MBC Office at 1-800-551-0168