Muskoka Bible Foundation Membership

Please complete the bottom section of this form to confirm your willingness to serve as a Member of Muskoka Bible Foundation.

From Section 8 of the MBF by-laws:

In order to qualify for Membership in the Corporation, the applicant must:

.01   be an individual or be a registered charity, being either a charitable organization or a foundation, or a Corporation;
.02   have demonstrated support of or a willingness to support the objects and purposes of the Corporation.  Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, in the case of an individual, such support may be evidenced by the applicant or the spouse of the applicant, financially contributing to the Corporation in accordance with the provisions of subsection 8.03.03, contributing time and effort to the programs and activities of the Corporation or owning a cottage or trailer on the property owned by the Corporation;
.03   have made an annual tax receiptable donation to the Corporation of not less than $250.00 (Cdn) within the immediately preceding fiscal year;
.04   in the case of an individual, by his or her lifestyle, have evidenced agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Corporation which forms part of this by-law;
.05   in the case of an individual, be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
.06   not be in arrears in the payment of any amounts owed to the Corporation by the applicant at the time the applicant has requested membership in the Corporation;
.07   have requested membership in the Corporation and have been accepted into membership by the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting of Members; and
.08   where the registered charity or a corporation meets the requirements set out in subsections 8.03.02 and 8.03.03 and applies for membership as a Sponsor Member, upon being accepted as a Sponsor Member, it may appoint a person who meets the qualifications set out in subsections 8.04 and 8.05 to be its representative. Such representative shall exercise all voting rights of the Sponsor Member at all meetings of Sponsor Members.


I confirm that I qualify as a Member of Muskoka Bible Foundation. I acknowledge that all requests for Membership are subject to the acceptance of the Board of Directors.



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