Paid Recreational Experiences

Fun Experiences

Bring some energy to your group with some fun activities. Improve team dynamics or just bond together through these unique experiences.

Sleigh Rides

2020-2021 Winter, MBC is proud to offer sleigh rides in cooperation with Back of Beyond Equine Centre. Booked as part of a retreat and on an hourly basis, sleigh rides include:

- Guided access to the barn, meet the horses and their keepers
- Horse drawn sleigh rides through the centre
- Campfire to stay warm while on site
Capacity is dependant on Covid cohorts, and ride duration is up to 20-40 minutes based on number of participants and available time.
See a video of the sleigh ride:

Pedal Karts

The Pedal Karting activity at MBC is available for retreat group bookings on an hourly basis with a setup fee. Moving quickly around pylons on our indoor track, participants may race, drag race or just enjoy a relaxing activity. An additional waiver is required and this activity is facilitated. See them in action:

Glow in the Dark Games

Unavailable at this time due to COVID-19
Turn out the lights and watch your back as teams compete in a variety of blacklight-games. You have the choice of volleyball, dodgeball or glizbee - our own high-energy version of ultimate frisbee. Balls, glow glasses and other accessories provided will light up under the blacklights. $50 setup fee, facilitation optional at $30/hr. Suitable for 30 people at a time.

Bubble Games

Unavailable at this time due to COVID-19
A series of games culminating in a game of bubble soccer, bubble games involve everyone in fast relays, sumo battles and other fun. $80/hr, facilitated, suitable for up to 20 people at a time.

Axe Throwing

Hit the bullseye throwing tomahawks outdoors with your friends. Discover how easy it can be to get started, while difficult to master. $60/hr + $30 setup fee, facilitated. Suitable for up to 12 people at a time.

Rock Climbing

Unavailable at this time due to COVID-19
Climb to the top of the climbing wall, challenging your group with a variety of routes. $100/hr facilitated. Seasonal access only: Sept-Nov, May-June. Suitable for up to 20 people.


Teambuilding Experiences

Team experiences offer tools to help in accomplishing the goals of your retreat experience. Improve communication, delve into the shared resource planning or engage in discussion around internal and external strategies. Each experience is facilitated by one of our expert staff, with an intended learning outcome.

High and Low Ropes Challenge Course

Unavailable at this time due to COVID-19
Climb the Dangula Maze as a team or navigate your way to the top of the Vertical Playground, challenge courses apply pressure to relationships encouraging the group to learn about team dynamics and how actions produce consequences to those around them. $100/hr facilitated. Minimum 2 hours. Seasonal access only, Sept-Nov, May- June. Suitable for up to 12 people/hr.

Spy Master Berlin

Communicate together as a team to catch the ring leader of a dangerous spy cell in Berlin. Decode intercepted communication and unravel who, what and where they're hiding, but don't take too long or they may strike again. This flexible experience can be run competitively or cooperatively and is combined with a presentation on communication that can be tailored to your organization. $200 facilitated, Estimated time: 1.5 hours. A Special offer may be eligible while we test this experience for larger groups. Limited to maximum 7 participants or up to 10 in one "bubble".

The Big Block Picture

Share resources while assembling a large image that can be tailored to your group. There's a catch though, it's never just as simple as putting it together. Teams will cooperate with each other to assemble the best rendition they can in a defined amount of time and with a few hiccups along the way. Your group will learn about "managing their edges" and organizational responsibilities while celebrating creative differences. $100 facilitated. Estimated time: 1 hr. Suitable for up to 9 people or 9 "bubble" groups to a maximum of 30 people.


Packages and Pricing

Each experience has options for pricing outlined in the description above. Additionally, our recreation team is energized by requests to tailor an experience to your groups needs. While there may be an additional charge, depending on the request, you, in turn, receive an experience with maximum effort put into accomplishing your objectives. Please note that signup sheets or other organizational aids are the responsibility of the group booking the experience.


Terms and Conditions


If choosing to self-facilitate, MBC commits to provide the equipment and setup of the activity, but the facilitation and any lost or damaged products are the responsibility of the guest group.

Minimum Cost

In some cases a minimum cost is required to provide an experience. This creates a fixed price point to MBC to cover the overhead of opening the experience. Once the minimum cost is met in the per-person fees, the fee is waived.


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