MBC Remembers Dr. Roy Lawson, 1932-2014

Roy LawsonDr. Roy Lawson served as General Director and then Director of Development at MBC from 1992 through 1999. Throughout his lifetime, he also served in many other capacities including carving beef in the dining room, speaking from the pulpit in chapel, leading the "Bear Hunt", naming the Trailer Park owners "the Hillbillies", and managing the Marina.

His larger than life personality and enthusiasm motivated us through some challenging days. He often shared the story of how MBC had impacted his life as a young man and because of that he worked in this ministry that it might continue to influence lives in the future. While General Director, he spearheaded the fund-raising for and the building of Fellowship Centre to meet the growing needs of Children's ministry. When the doors opened for the summer of 1996, the cost of the building was fully paid.

He established the R.W. Lawson award to recognize and encourage the summer staffers in their personal walk and service with the Lord.

Dr. Roy's example strengthened the foundation for moving toward MBC's present mission: to exalt Jesus Christ by renewing, connecting and equipping the family of God in the splendor of His creation.

Funeral Details can be found at: http://smithfuneralhome.ca/obituaries/item/41713-dr-roy-w-lawson.html