Make MBC Your Family Tradition

Family TraditionMy name is Sandy Symons, and I am the Campground Manager here at MBC. I'd like to share our family's story of MBC...

My husband and I first came to MBC as 'campers'. I still remember setting up an old canvas tent in the rain and cooking over the Coleman stove. We sensed that the Chapel teaching, the kids' program, the family time at the beach, and the warm Christian fellowship were all important to our family life... but one week a year just didn't seem enough.

So we graduated from tenting to renting trailers; from renting to purchasing, and as they say, the rest is history! That was over 25 years ago! My husband and I have both grown from the concentrated Bible teaching at Chapel, and the friends we have met at MBC. Our kids have found everything at MBC. They have found friends... warm, positive, godly friends. They have found their mates... godly, wise, spirit-filled mates. They have found themselves, and they have found the Lord. Now our grandchildren visit MBC and the blessing rolls into the next generation! When I think of the deep, lasting blessing MBC has been to our family, I pray that other families will experience the same thing.

When we decided to buy our trailer, it was a major financial investment. I'm sure it would be that way for most people. What we discovered however, is that when you consider the trailer purchase is only a one-time expense, and the trailer fees work out to about $500 per prime-summer week (to say nothing of the May, June, September and October weeks that are available for a spring or fall family or couple getaway), MBC is a very economical choice. A full 17-week season at MBC can be less expensive than a one-week Florida vacation (for a family of four)! Want to know how? Email me at

Thanks to those who have been part of our story, and our family tradition at MBC!