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The Bible is under attack

The mantra of the ‘new atheists’ is that, since evolution is a fact, the Bible is wrong and there is no Creator to be accountable to. As a result, most Christians have questions about the accuracy of the Bible, especially Genesis and the creation/evolution issue.

With more PhD scientists on staff than any other Christian ministry, CMI speakers are more than qualified to help equip Christians to answer the tough questions brought against Biblical truths.

This multi-day conference will address all aspects of the creation/evolution issue in a fun, relaxing environment by experts in their field of study and ministry.


Dr. Carl Werner

M.D. Speaker, author of Evolution: The Grand Experiment book/DVD series 

Calvin Smith

Speaker and co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE! TV show

Dr Jim Mason

PhD Physics. Speaker  

Vance Nelson

Author, explorer. Speaker and author of Untold Secrets of Planet Earth book series

Richard Fangrad

CEO CMI Canada. Speaker and co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE! TV show

Henry De Roos

Evangelist with Open Air Campaigners (Canada). Speaker

Dr Jonathan Sarfati

PhD Chemistry. Bestselling author, speaker, apologist and chess champion

Mike Oard

M.S. Atmospheric Science. Speaker, author

Stuart Burgess

PhD Design. Speaker

Dr John Sanford

PhD Genetics. Author, speaker and inventor of the Gene Gun


Sunday, August 13
9:00am It's a great time to be a Christian - Richard Fangrad
11:00am Genesis; The Missing Piece of the Puzzle - Calvin Smith
7:00pm Origins by the Book - Dr Jim Mason
Monday, August 14
9:30am Fallout: Evangelism Strategies for an Evolutionized  World - Richard Fangrad
11:00am Evolution: The Grand Experiment - Dr Carl Werner
6:30pm Nuclear Physics and the Age of the Earth - Dr Jim Mason
8:00pm Genetic Entropy - Dr John Sanford
Tuesday, August 15
9:30am Living Fossils - Dr Carl Werner
11:00am TBA - Dr John Sanford
1:30pm Speaking on Creation - Calvin Smith and Richard Fangrad
6:30pm Dire Dragons - Vance Nelson
8:00pm Human Evolution - Dr Carl Werner
Wednesday, August 16
9:30am Flood Fossils - Vance Nelson
11:00am Chemicals to Living Cells - Dr Jonathan Sarfati
1:30pm Chess Challenge! - Dr Jonathan Sarfati
6:30pm Monumental Monsters - Vance Nelson
8:00pm Inspiration from Creation: How engineers are copying God's designs - Dr Stuart Burgess
Thursday, August 17
9:30am Flood by Design: How the Earth Was Shaped - Mike Oard
11:00am Hallmarks of Design: How design reveals a designer - Dr Stuart Burgess
1:30pm Amazing Animals! - Calvin Smith 
6:30pm Evolution and the Holocaust - Dr Jonathan Sarfati
8:00pm The Ice Age: Only the Bible can explain it - Mike Oard
Friday, August 18
9:30am Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries: Behemoths buried alive - Mike Oard
11:00am The 'Distant Starlight' Dilemma - Dr Jim Mason
6:30pm 'Creation' Evangelism - Henry Dr Roos
8:00pm Jesus in Genesis - Dr Jonathan Sarfati

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Registration Fee

Registration for this week-long conference is only $50 per adult or $100 per family (2 adults, any number of children under 18 yrs. old).

Includes access to all presentations.

For those wishing to attend on a daily basis the per-day fees: $20 adult/$40 family.