MBC Retreat Group Waiver and Condition of Participation

I, the undersigned participant, parent/guardian of the participant, or leader of the participant group, release Muskoka Bible Centre Inc., Muskoka Ministry Centre, Muskoka Bible Ministries and Muskoka Bible Foundation, as well as its agencies, directors, staff and agents (collectively, “MBC”) from liability as a result of any loss, personal injury, sickness, accident, misfortune or damage done to the named participant/participant group or their property with the understanding that reasonable due diligence shall be taken to ensure health and safety of participant. Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Water Activities such as canoeing, boating, tubing, wakeboarding
  • Winter activities such as snow tubing, snow shoeing, broom ball
  • Sports activities such as soccer, baseball, tennis, floor hockey, basketball

The applicant and/or parent/guardian and / or group leader certify that the participants are in good health, normal in condition and habits, and amenable to rigorous activities. By signing this form, the applicant and/or parent/guardian and/or group leader gives the staff of MBC the right to obtain medical attention/ treatment deemed necessary for the participant’s welfare and good health. In such a situation, effort will be made to contact the emergency contact and/or parent/guardian as soon as possible. The participant or parent/guardian or is responsible for all costs incurred.

I/we have read the information and herby agree with the waivers and conditions stated above.