Thank you for your interest in being an MBC Volunteer! The spirit and work of volunteerism has been a long standing tradition at MBC. In fact, it is really the foundation that this ministry has been built upon. Volunteer activity is vital to the future of MBC as it seeks to be a thriving Kingdom ministry with greater impact and influence to the glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom. MBC exists to help grow resilient, biblically rooted families to the glory of God.

It is for this reason that we maintain a centrally coordinated volunteer program that seeks to maximize the energies of those who have been called to serve in partnership with the rest of the MBC community. This program exists to recruit, train and place qualified volunteers within the organization who can assist staff, supplement or enhance existing programs and services, develop and spearhead new initiatives under staff supervision and lend a helping hand where required.

A volunteer brings time, energy, commitment, new ideas and enthusiasm to his or her volunteer job. Volunteers are recognized by MBC as a valuable resource and we view our volunteers as individuals who are caring, committed and involved. Contact John Lock, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteering@muskokabible.com to learn about volunteer opportunities @ MBC.


  • Chapel; ushering
  • Bookstore; in store, sidewalk sales
  • Kids Min
  • Marina; wrist band monitors
  • Foodservice
    • Dining Room servers & dishes
    • Hub
  • Maintenance; help where needed
  • Gardening
  • Housekeeping; Saturday team leader, final room checks
  • Accounting; town run, cash counting
  • Widjiitiwin; skilled labour, some roofing

Weekend work teams! Anyone interested in coordinating a youth, adult or family church team for a work project at MBC, connect with Mike Greenfield, HR Director, hr@muskokabible.com



The MBC policy for volunteer workers is predicated on the assumption that the individual is volunteering his/her labour for the furtherance of the purposes and objectives of MBC and not with the expectation of any financial or other tangible benefits. Volunteers are not paid for their labour. Volunteers will be offered meal vouchers for the MBC Dining Room as per the MBC Volunteer Handbook.