Serving with excellence and enthusiasm for His honour and His glory
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Serving with excellence and enthusiasm for His honour and His glory

December 18, 2023

As a Christian, regardless of our age, occupation or physical abilities we are called to a life of serving. Serving others comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Throughout the whole bible we read of many examples of serving one another
and in so doing we are ultimately serving God.

Serving is a ministry for the Christian and we do it with excellence and enthusiasm for His honour and His glory. Scripture tells us that one of the gifts of the holy spirit is hospitality. Jesus himself was as example of hospitality, and on several occasions used “the table” as an opportunity to explain matters to his disciples. He even prepared a breakfast for them.

We, who have been called to serve on tables in the dining room at MBC are part of a ministry team. Some could think waiting on tables is condescending or perhaps others could think of it as a lowly, unimportant occupation; but, such is not the case. Tables often represent a place for human connections, interaction and missional purposes for each one seated as well as the server who is serving.

Some of our guests bring their cares, concerns and heartaches to “the table”, which are unknown to us, in the same way they take them to Chapel or other areas of our MBC programs. As servers, we have the opportunity to complement the experience for each of our guests. At times sensitivity, empathy and compassion are equally important as the tasty food and all that goes into the preparation for it. As we wash, clear, wipe tables and sweep
floors over and over again, we indirectly show our guests that we love and care for them. We desire the dining room experience to be a part of the blessing which God has for them while at MBC.

Another aspect of the ministry in the dining room is the mentorship that takes place between the older, more mature servers and the younger staff members. As seasoned workers, we attempt to instill, in the younger staff, not only a
good work ethic but a reminder that with each and every work shift, we are ultimately serving the Lord. There is a friendship that develops as we all work together, which in turn has a positive impact on those at “the table.” We are a
happy team: we have joy and we have fun!

It is a blessed privilege to be a part of the Dining Room ministry and to be the light, the hands and the feet of Jesus each time we serve at “His Table”.


Doug Morrison