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The Widjiitiwin Program

Widjiitiwin is a program of Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) that addresses the unique and complex needs of marginalized youth and their families, guided by and empowered by the Holy Spirit and embracing Jesus in a manner consistent with the principles expressed in God’s Word.

The name Widjiitiwin is an Ojibway name meaning “helping one another” and this is the very thing we hope our Widjiitiwin program will be.

In 2010, under the direction of Mike Greenfield, Camp Widjiitiwin launched its first partnership week with Toronto Police Officer Mark Gray in Malvern. Since that first year, these partnerships weeks have grown and the impact in these communities has been incredible. Currently, Muskoka Bible Centre (through the Widjiitiwin program) links with a community partner in the following communities:

· Malvern
· Jane/Finch
· South Etobicoke
· Guelph
· Hamilton

Each of these community partners joins us in Muskoka for a week of summer camp at Camp Widjiitiwin. They enjoy an amazing week of camp, including activities like archery, basketball, canoeing, swimming, rock climbing, and much more. Our trained staff provide a daily program and games that keep our campers coming back for more! Each community group also participates in Bible teaching, devotional time, singing and prayer as a part of our commitment to teaching our campers about the love of God and His plan for them.

As our Widjiitiwin campers grow, we want to help develop them into young leaders who will change the world. Our SALT (Skills and Leadership Training) program is a 4-week course for youth ages 14-17 who are interested in moving from being a camper to developing the skills needed for working at camp and in life. For more details about SALT, click on the link below:

As the Widjiitiwin program re-launches after the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to roll out new program elements to bless our community partners in a variety of ways. In the future, we plan for the Widjiitiwin program to be a year-round program where we will bring families and individuals up to our MBC retreats so they might have opportunity to be blessed, to receive great Bible teaching, and rest in God’s beautiful creation in the Muskoka.