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Muskoka Bible Foundation (MBF) supports the kingdom mission activities taking place at MBC and Widjiitiwin.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting MBF in pursuit of our mission to help grow resilient, Biblically-rooted families in a society of constantly shifting values; to the glory of God! 

More than 3,000 families are impacted each year through the life changing experiences at MBC. Can you believe that during the COVID-19 Pandemic more families than ever were encouraged through the onsite and online ministry of MBC?  We thank God for the opportunities He opened for us and for a team that was faithful in pressing into our mission.

In addition, Widjiitiwin, a special outreach program of MBC, has been a critical tool for Gospel outreach into 5 inner city communities. Widjiitiwin means ‘helping others’ and that is exactly what this program will focus on going into the future.  Prior to COVID, Camp Widjiitiwin was reaching more than 300 children and youth from 5 marginalized inner city communities.  We have been working on a re-design of this program to see us reach even more youth and families who may otherwise never have an opportunity to experience camp or hear the Gospel.   Working in partnership with the Toronto Police as well as an anchor church partner in each community, the positive impact of this program is significant.  Prior to our relaunch in 2023 we will be establishing new leadership and also investing in some key facility upgrades so that the impact of this program grows in breadth and in depth.  Your 2022 contribution to the leadership of Widjiitiwin and facility upgrades is a great encouragement to this important effort.

We are thankful that all of the MBC debt has been paid off and all donations are used directly to further our mission of helping to grow resilient, biblically rooted families.  Please consider giving today to support the strengthening of families and seeing young lives transformed by the Gospel – for His glory alone.

As you are blessed by your MBC experience and are committed to making an investment for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom, we invite you to consider supporting us through prayer and finances.  Your gift will be strategically used to impact thousands with the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2022.

Thank YOU so much for partnering with us!

If you have any questions on how you can support our ministry, please feel free to call 705.789.0123.

John Friesen,
Muskoka Bible Centre



Kids & Youth Ministry – $200,000 will support a teaching-focused children and youth program that reaches over 1,800 children and youth each summer. Your investment allows us to hire and train a quality team of leaders who care and model the life of Christ to these children and youth.

Bible Teaching Ministry – $300,000 ensures that our Bible teaching and worship of God in all of our summer and non-summer programming is built on a clear exposition of the Gospel. We offer the equivalent of 2 years of Sunday services packed into one summer, PLUS various retreats throughout the year. We have seen the truth fulfilled that the Word of God accomplishes its purpose.


$120,000 will support our Stepping Stones Youth Discipleship experience that intentionally impacts some 100 youth each year who are grounded in Biblical truth while also serving our guests in various capacities.


$120,000 + $180,000 – MBC (parent organization) sees the tremendous Kingdom value that comes when youth from marginalized communities are given a chance to attend a week of Christ-Centred camp. Your gift in 2022 will help seed the re-launch of a ‘better than ever’ IGNITE program that will be designed to reach more youth as well as entire families from marginalized communities in 2023.

The $180,000 target is to fund a full rebuild of both primary washrooms for each side of the camp.


$20,000 budgeted for general administration costs (marketing, technology, etc.)


It is amazing to think that all of our debt (was $5.8 million in 2010) is now completely gone. This is an amazing story of God’s consistent provision through His generous people, plus faithful stewardship of the resources God has given us here at MBC. MBC (including the ministry, facility and operations) is now working within a zero-debt policy and within a conservative financial structure. This stability now allows us to invest any surpluses into expanding and growing the ministry and the facility in support of the Kingdom mission.