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Muskoka Bible Foundation (MBF) supports the kingdom mission activities taking place at MBC and Widjiitiwin.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting Muskoka Bible Foundation in the pursuit of writing a better story for family in Canada – seeing resilient, Biblically-rooted families thrive in a society of shifting values; to the glory of God!

More than 3,000 families are impacted each year through the life changing experiences at MBC. Rather than seeing a decline during the Pandemic, we have experienced growth.

Pressing deeper into our mission this year, we are expanding our programming to include several new retreats designed to minister to specific family pain points – including a retreat for families with children who have exceptional needs and also families who are grieving the loss of a child. We also believe that families who are in vocational ministry are in strategic need of encouragement and we are launching a special program for pastor respite retreats as well as a Marriage in Ministry retreat for pastor couples.

The big news this year is that we are re-launching our youth outreach ministry through our Widjiitiwin program. Prior to COVID this outreach ministry in partnership with 5 inner city communities was having a significant impact on over 300 youth annually. We are now ‘stepping up’ our efforts to further impact youth and families from marginalized communities in 2023. We have invested some effort and money over the past year to improve the facilities at Widjiitiwin (new washrooms!). We also have an exceptional new leader in place who has extensive experience in ministering to families in difficult neighborhoods. Her name is Becky Cripps and I know you will be encouraged as you get to know her. See the Widjiitiwin website for more details on how you can get involved in this high impact ministry.

We are trusting God for donations this year totalling just over $1 million. These funds will be used to impact thousands of families and individuals for the gospel. Specifically, these funds will support the following:


Bible Teaching Ministry (Summer, MBC Retreats, Podcast, etc.)


Summer Kids and Youth Ministry


A new ministry stream (marriage retreat, respite retreats) to encourage pastors & their families


Family Fusion: Unique (a special retreat sponsoring 15 families with children who have exceptional needs)


Stepping Stones (discipleship for 120 youth)


Widjiitiwin (outreach ministry to inner city communities)


Administration (some basic costs of administering these funds)

This level of annual fundraising seems to be an impossible goal – until I remember what God has done at MBC in the past. We are now completely debt free, the facilities are in great shape and the ministry impact has grown significantly in depth and breadth …. God has been at work and His provision through people like You has been evident. I thank you for being part of this great God story!

Thank YOU so much for partnering with us in 2023! Your financial gift is a significant investment in helping to grow resilient, biblically rooted families. Something that is sorely needed in today’s society.

If you have any questions on how you can support our ministry, please feel free to call or email John Friesen, CEO at 705.789.0123 or 

John Friesen,
Muskoka Bible Centre



Designated Donation Policy

We will gladly issue receipts for donations designated for projects that have been approved by the leadership of MBF and received within the timeline of the project. If donations are designated to non-approved projects, the donor will be contacted as to whether they wish to redirect the gift or have it returned. Each restricted contribution designated towards an approved project will be used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for such a project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most for other approved projects.