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The Widjiitiwin Program

The Widjiitiwin program fulfills Muskoka Bible Centre’s vision by partnering with community leaders in priority neighborhoods providing children, youth, and families with camp and retreats to help them experience life changing and lasting transformation through encountering God’s great love for them.

The name Widjiitiwin is an Ojibway name meaning “helping one another” and this is the very thing we hope our Widjiitiwin program will be.

Through the Widjiitiwin program, Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) partners with community leaders who are engaged with young people in communities where youth are experiencing socio-economic barriers that would prevent them from being able to attend traditional summer camp. Our partners bring these youth to Muskoka for a week at Camp Widjiitiwin, where they enjoy an amazing week of summer camp, including activities like archery, basketball, canoeing, swimming, rock climbing, and much more. Our trained staff provide a daily program and games that cement the camper experience as a life-long memory. Each community group also participates in Bible teaching, devotional time, singing and prayer as a part of our commitment to teaching our campers about the love of God and His plan for them. 

The SALT Program

As our Widjiitiwin campers grow, we want to help develop them into young leaders who will change the world. Our SALT (Skills and Leadership Training) program is a 4-week course for youth ages 14-17 who are interested in moving from being a camper to developing the skills needed for working at camp and in life. For more details about SALT, click on the link below.

The IMMERSE Program

We believe that camp isn’t just for the campers, but it is also a valuable time of spiritual development for our staff. All our staff participate in our Immerse discipleship programming, which is designed to use their experience as camp leaders to build personal and communal discipleship and promote excellence in work ethic and community relationships. For more information about Immerse, click below.