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Introducing Luke LaRocque, our new Director of Ministry

Feb 3, 2022 | Spring 2022

Luke and Alyssa LaRocque with their children Jack and Aurelie.

Hi everyone!

I’m Luke LaRocque, the new Director of Ministry here at Muskoka Bible Centre. Starting a new job at a new organization can always be an interesting experience, but I’m happy to say that the first few months at MBC have been full of fun, laughter and a lot of learning! The team has welcomed me with open arms and I feel like I’ve already been able to contribute as we prepare for Summer 2022. We’ve been busy planning for what another slightly different summer might look like, but overall, we can’t wait to have you all back on site in a few short months! 

Originally from Toronto, my wife Alyssa and I moved to Muskoka in 2015 to serve as year-round staff at Beacon Bible Camp, the camp where I grew up and where my wife and I met. Our two children, Aurelie and Jack, have loved the wide open spaces and great friends in Muskoka. We’re an outdoors kind of family – canoe trips, cross country skiing and bike rides are our idea of a fun adventure. If it’s raining, there’s always books and board games to keep us busy.

Outside of my camp work, my career background has been about building better communities for all. I completed my Masters of Theological Studies in Urban and International Development in 2011. This led our family to serving in Malawi, living as a house parent with refugee claimants and working with street-involved folks to create art that tells their stories to churches around Ontario. All in all, God has provided a number of fulfilling ways to serve Him and share the Good News about Jesus, and I’m excited that the next place for that service is at MBC! 

We live in a world where it is getting harder to live our faith openly and authentically. This is even more true for younger generations – our children, youth, young adults and young families have all grown up in a culture that is opposed to the Gospel. As a parent to two young kids, I feel that keenly. Instead of being sad about the changes, I want to be a part of the solution. MBC created the Director Ministry position to help push us forward when it comes to how we equip families on a year-round basis.   My role will be to help shape the strategies and plans that we put in place to change culture in a Christ-honouring way. There has been excellent work accomplished through Dan Spoelstra, Shelagh Raymer and Doug Morrison, and I’m not here to replace that. I see my role as a chance to help support and guide our MBC leaders and experiences to an even higher  level so that more people will learn and grow in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. 

As we look to leave the last 2 years of the pandemic behind us, I know that families are looking for ways to grow in Christ, and I can’t wait to be a part of that journey! Feel free to reach out to me at any time – I want to hear your dreams and plans, and especially how MBC can help your family be better prepared for the world we face together. I look forward to meeting you all in person when you come to MBC!

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