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New Logo

Feb 3, 2022 | Spring 2022

You may have noticed that we recently changed our MBC logo!

The traditional logo has been used for many, many years. It has served the ministry well.  However, as we have refreshed our mission and vision over the past few years we felt it was also time to introduce a new look that would better support our mission of growing resilient, biblically rooted families.

The expression of this mission can be clearly seen in this new logo (pictured above). The coniferous tree represents strong and resilient families who are a testimony of God’s faithfulness even in the midst of diversity. The pines that grow in Muskoka stand tall in stark contrast to the rugged terrain and weather. The roots intertwine between the crannies of the rocks to provide a network of anchor points supporting the tree to withstand adversity. In the same way, families that anchor in the eternal truth of God’s Word can weather the storms that are inevitable in this fallen world. Enveloped firmly in a Christ-centred identity and purpose, biblically rooted families stand as beautiful and powerful testimonies in a culture desperately looking for meaning.

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Praying for your kids

By Shelagh RaymerDirector of Family Ministries Several years ago, I heard a woman teach on the book of Nehemiah and how she had used this book of the bible to create a prayer for her grandchildren; specifically her granddaughter. I found this fascinating because...

Chef’s Corner – Friends and Food

Welcome to Chef’s Corner! I have had the privilege of being a part of the foodservice ministry at MBC for many years. Looking back over the years, we have been blessed to have so many different people contributing in positive ways to the culinary delights that we...

Introducing Luke LaRocque, our new Director of Ministry

Luke and Alyssa LaRocque with their children Jack and Aurelie. Hi everyone! I’m Luke LaRocque, the new Director of Ministry here at Muskoka Bible Centre. Starting a new job at a new organization can always be an interesting experience, but I’m happy to say that the...

Facility Updates

Facility – Families At MBC, we understand that our facility enables our mission. And so, each year we look for opportunities to continue improving our facility with our “rooted in faith and family” mission in mind. In 2021 we added two new family cottages to our...